Weddings & Baptisms

Weddings and baptisms are wonderful events, and we are delighted to celebrate them with you here at Trinitarian Church. Since we aim to minister to all people, we do not limit these to church members.

Baptisms, which can be done at any age, are usually celebrated during a regular morning service of worship. Prior to the baptism you will need to contact the church office (978-686-4445) to clear the date with our calendar and arrange for a meeting with the pastor. There are no special days reserved for baptisms, so we can usually accommodate your schedule.

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To arrange for your wedding the first step is to call the church office (978-686-4445) and make sure that the date you want is available. You will need to meet with our pastor for premarital counseling and to plan the service. You will also need to talk with our organist to arrange for your music. There are various modest fees involved, which vary according to what you’d like. The link below provide lots of helpful information for planning a  TCC wedding!

Our pastor is also available for off-site weddings.

 Weddings – Frequently Asked Questions