It has been over 10 years since our last photo directory (2007)! The diaconate would like to publish a new one in the fall, to provide our new settled pastor (and the rest of us) with updated photos and contact information. We would like to start gathering photos now. We can arrange to take your photo after church on any Sunday, or, if you have a good digital photo that you would like to appear in the directory, please email it (or provide it on a thumb drive) to the church office.

Some guidelines

  • For an individual, the photo should be a head and shoulders “head shot”, as it will be reduced in size when we print it, and please give us the highest resolution possible.
  • For a family, a close-up is best.
  • Please provide  names, current street address/town/zipcode, phone number and email address. If you want children listed (even if they are not in the photo), please provide their names.