JUNE 2017

From the Interim Pastor: A few brief updates:

I am very encouraged by the fine work the Transition Team is doing and the progress they have made on the Local Church Profile. The first draft is nearly competed, and soon it will be ready to pass on to the Search Committee, and sent to the Area Conference Minister for her review and feedback.

I am also pleased with the completion of the Confirmation preparation process. Even though our time together was short, the students worked hard, participated actively in the classes, in mission activities, and in worship leadership. They learned a great deal about the Bible, the church, and our denomination. They also wrote their own personal statements of faith, which were quite genuine and profound. On Sunday, June 4, Emily Adam, Ainsley and Kelcey Dion, James Custer and Cathryn Webster will be confirmed into full membership in the church.

In this newsletter, you will find a condensed version of a sermon I delivered about the United Church of Christ. I encourage you to read it, and let me know if you have any further questions.

With care, Pastor Tony
Ten Reasons Why You Should Be Going to Church
From Rev. Anne Russ, Pastor, Agenta Presbyterian Church, North Lille Rock, Arkansas

I’ve just seen one too many articles on why people aren’t coming to church. Admittedly, there are some good reasons. But I’d
like to share my top 10 reasons why you should be coming to church. Others will have different reasons and some may disagree
with the ones I have listed, but here they are.

10.Coming to church doesn’t mean you have no doubts about God or faith or religion. It means you have a place you can share with people who have their own doubts.
9. Bad stuff is going to happen in your life. It just is. A church community cannot be everything to everyone in time of crisis,
but when the bottom falls out of your world, it’s great to have a community to lift you back up.
8. Bad stuff is going to happen in your life, part two. The time to build a relationship with God is not when life turns ugly and you’ve run out of all other options. Attending worship regularly helps build a relationship with God and others that will give you a solid foundation when the winds blow and the storms come.
7. Not all churches are anti-something. Most of us are for people, for acceptance, for hospitality. Really, we’re out there. We just don’t get the good press.
6. Any church worth its salt has really good food on a regular basis. ^
5. Churches offer paint-by-number opportunities to serve. Many people would like to help the poor, the hungry and the homeless, but they don’t know how to get involved, how to make the time to be involved, or what they can do to really make a difference. Churches offer you ways to plug in to help those who need it most.
4. You’ve got a gift. Probably two or ten of them. Becoming involved in the ministry of a church will help you discover and use gifts you never even knew you had.
3. Not all churches are after your money. Good churches want you to have a healthy relationship with money. Sure, churches need to pay the electric bill and the pastor and the youth director, but money and church is more about you than it is about the church. It’s about our own relationship with money. World events have proven that it’s much better to put faith in God than in a bank account. Church can help you with that.
2. Taking a break from our hectic lives to come to church is accepting the gift of Sabbath. Wayne Mueller says “[Sabbath] dissolves the artificial urgency of our days, because it liberates us from the need to be finished.” We don’t take Sabbath and come to worship because we have time and have finished up everything that needs to be done. We take Sabbath because it is time to stop, and we are designed to stop, rest and reflect. Those who don’t are destined to crash and bum.
1. Jesus is really cool. Even if you don’t know if you can believe in the whole Son-of-God thing, even if you refer to the resurrection as the Zombie Jesus event and even though those of us already in church often do a lousy job of following him, come to church to get to know Jesus. The more you get to know him, the more you’ll understand why people call his way The Way.

The Sundays of June
June 4: Confirmation Sunday, The Feast of Pentecost, Communion Sunday
June 11: Youth/Mission Sunday
Last Sunday of the Church Program year
June 18: John Larkin, Preacher and Worship Leader
Worship time moves to 9:00 am, today
through Labor Day
June 25 Third Sunday after Pentecost
Pastor Tony will be away from June 15 through 19.

Mary will be out of the office June 16 through 23.
Summer Office Hours – June 26 through September 4.
Mary will be in the office on Wednesday only.

The Board of Deacons invites the congregation to stay connected with TCC during the summer. Besides attending Sunday services when you’re in town, mark your calendars for some fun and fellowship! On Sunday, June 25, we will hold our church service outdoors in the side yard (weather permitting). There will be a cook-out following the service on Sunday, July 23 (rain date July 30) – exact time and location to be announced. And in August, all are invited to join in candlepin bowling. Again, date and more details to follow. If you have sports or hobbies you’d like to share with your fellow TCCers during the summer, please contact Caroline Webber (cswebber815@gmail.com) or Bruce Robie (bruce_robie@yahoo.com). We’re happy to promote get-togethers in-between vacations, summer camps and other activities. And don’t forget that yoga will continue in the Davis Room, on Fridays from 5:30 – 6:30 pm throughout the summer. – Caroline Webber and Bruce Robie, Diaconate Co-Chairs

Mission & Outreach
On May 19, we sponsored a birthday party for the May birthdays who participate in the Happy Hands after school program at the Hancock Apartments. The program is called Birthday in a Box. We provided tableware, birthday decorations, cake, and party bags for 25 kids, as well as gifts for the two May birthday children.
We are serving a lunch to the Habitat for Humanity volunteers working a site at 124-126 Phillips Street in Lawrence. The date is Saturday, June 24, and we will be serving 30 workers. There will be a sign-up sheet in the Davis room if you would like to contribute.
Our partnership with Cor Unum continues; we send 2 volunteers to help serve dinner on the third Wednesday of each month. Sign-up sheets are outside the church office. The next dates are June 21 and July 19.
Our Personal Care Item drive is concluded in May. Thank you so much for the plethora of personal care items donated for women and men – the items will be given to those in need through Lazarus House.
We made two monetary donations…The first to support Vacation Bible School, run through Communities Together at area churches for 6 weeks during the summer. In addition, we made a donation to MVP ASAP …The Merrimack Valley Prevention and Substance Abuse Project is committed to engaging public and private community members to work together promoting awareness, education, prevention and treatment of substance abuse in our communities.
As you know, we collect non-perishable items throughout the year, and donate them to one of four local Food Pantrys each month. May’s item is Tuna and June is rice. There is one collection box at the side door and another in the Narthex.
Thanks for all your generosity! – it allows TCC to be generous to others in need.

Grief Support Meeting

Our Grief Support Group will continue to meet every third Wednesday of the month at 3:00 in the Scout Cabin. For more information please contact June Lemieux 978-686-9250 or email at
panda387@comcast.net. The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, June 21.


On May 21st, TCC celebrated the Dedication for Juliette Mogan, the daughter of Conor and Andrea Mogan and sister of Ethan. Juliette’s godparents are Megan Hayward and Daniel Irvin. Her grandparents are Margaret Mogan and Michelle Tallent.

Spirituality & Wellness Go Together!
Adult Yoga
Friday night classes, 530 pm – 6:30 pm Gentle yoga stresses relaxation and stretching. Call Glen Ayer for more info:
978-994-0430 or gcayer@aol.com
$10/class, no contract required

Church Office
Folks have been leaving things in the office with no instruction on what to do with the items. Please note that items left in the office with no instruction on who left the item and/or what is to be done with it will be thrown out. This does not include forgotten personal items. However, personal items will be kept for one month, and if not claimed, will be thrown out or given to a local charity. Please contact the church office if you feel your missing item(s) could be here. Thank you for your support.

Service Opportunities at TCC
Worship Service Videographer – We are looking for volunteers who can video tape our Sunday worship services and work with the local cable channel to have our services broadcast. Training is provided. Perfect for middle school and high school students looking for leadership/service hours!
Sound System Operator – We are in need of individuals who have a working knowledge of our sanctuary sound system. Having more than one person would be very beneficial. Training is provided. Perfect for middle school and high school students looking for leadership/service hours!

Pastor Tony’s Sermons

Sermons can be obtained by contacting the church office. They can also be found on the church website and printed copies are located outside the church office.

Coffee Hour

If you would like to host coffee hour some Sunday, please speak with Mary in the church office. Please remember Hazel and Sarah supply the coffee, cream and punch. Thanks!

Please Wear Your Nametag

With Pastor Tony’s arrival as our interim pastor (and a new settled pastor coming eventually) this is a good time to get in the habit of wearing your nametag on Sundays at church. If you don’t have a nametag on the rack, let Mary know in the office, and she’ll see that you get one. The is also a sign-up sheet in the Davis Room.

Church Calendar

Due to the many groups using our meeting spaces here at TCC, it is extremely important to schedule all meetings/events through the church office. Please contact Mary to check availability of rooms and to schedule meetings.