2016 Youth Mission Trip

Trinitarian Congregational Church

North Andover, MA

July 9-17, 2016

Charleston, West Virginia


Application Process

  1. You apply by handing in the application form signed by a parent and the student, and by making the first $150.00 payment/donation towards the trip. Checks should be made out to “TCC.” Partial scholarships are available. Please speak to  Anne Webster about this.
  1. A second $150.00 payment/donation is due February 1, and the third payment of $158 is due April 1. (Group Workcamps charges $458 per person)
  1. Total refunds are not available. $50.00 is nonrefundable from Group Workcamps. Cancellations after May 15 trip forfeit the entire $458. This amount is nonrefundable from Group Workcamps and therefore is nonrefundable by us. Our mission trip fund should not lose money if someone cancels at the last minute.
  1. By signing up, workcampers commit to:
    1. Be an active member of our Youth Group.
    2. Attend Sunday Morning Worship at least once a month.
    3. Participate in mission trip fundraisers
    4. Abide by the Workcamp Code of Conduct.
    5. Listen to the chaperons in regards to dress code, lights out, etc.
    6. Participate in all the spiritual growth components with an open mind & heart

 Anne Webster – Trip Coordinator