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Boards & Committees

1. The Members: Our 200 members are the fundamental ruling body of TCC. In their formal meetings, the membership elects the members of the Boards andCommittees, approves budgets and, when necessary, calls Pastors and Associate Pastors.

2. The Officers: The Senior Minister, the Moderator who presides at meetings of the TCC and the Church Council; the Clerk who keeps records and gives notice of meetings; the Treasurer who oversees our finances; the Collector who the church collections; and the Auditor who audits the books of the Treasurer and Collector. The chairs of the Diaconate, the Trustees, The Board of Christian Education and the Historian are also officers.

3. The Church Council: A body presided over by the Moderator and including the church officers and representatives of many of the Boards and Committees that acts for and coordinates the activities of the church between annual meetings.

4. The Diaconate: The board with responsibility to assist the Minister in interpreting and promoting the spiritual interests of TCC.

5. The Board of Trustees: The group responsible for supervision and proper management of the temporal affairs of the church: custody, preservation, maintenance and insuring of the property, funds, structures and equipment of TCC.

6. The Board of Christian Education: The board which supervise and direct the educational work of the church,including the Church School and Youth program.

7. The Board of Christian Mission and Outreach: The group responsible to assist TCC in developing and promoting its total mission program to include educational efforts and community outreach and the preparation and management of the TCC local, state and world missions budget.

8. Called to Care: the lay ministry program of the church, which can include visiting shut-ins, sending cards, and delivering flowers from the worship service.

9. The Pastor-Parish Relations Committee: An advisory and support group to the pastor and congregation and provide a framework for constructive conflict resolution.

10. The Music Committee: The committee responsible for developing and maintaining the musical program of TCC including responsibility for the organ, pianos and other instruments and the hiring of professional personnel.

11. The Century Pre-School: The school is maintained for the purpose of providing a state-Iicensed program of pre-school education for children ages three through five. The school is the responsibility of a Board comprised of the School's Executive and Advisory Committees, the School Director and the TCC Minister.

12. The Memorial Gifts Committee: The committee which keeps track of memorial gifts.

13. The Scholarship Committee: The committee that develops and awards our Scholarship Program for graduating high school seniors from our church.

14. The Nominating Committee: The committee which recruits church leaders and committee members.