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Troop 81 History

Boy Scout Troop 81 meets in the Clinton W. Carvell Memorial Scout Building, often referred to as the "Scout Cabin" at the Trinitarian Congregational Church in North Andover, MA. The building was dedicated September 24, 1972.

In 1924 The Rev. Clinton W. Carvell was called to the pastorate of the Trinitarian Congregational Church. Recalling the Scouting program which was being carried on at that time, he wrote in his weekly "Bulletin" many years later:

In 1924 this church had a very active Boy Scout troop. It met in the upper floor of the building in which Dr. Murray Curren now has his office. Later it met in what was formerly half of the horse sheds. This building was enlarged twice. In 1925 The North Essex Council, Boy Scouts of America was organized as a First Class Council with the help of funds ($7,000) raised by the Lawrence Lions Club, and Harvey H. "Pop" Bacon was employed as the first Scout Executive of the Council. Thus began the long friendship between the Scout Executive and one of Scouting's best friends. ("Pop" Bacon was a member of Mr. Carvell's parish from 1948 until the time of his death.)

At the time of the Executive's death, Mr. Carvell wrote of his service to the council:

Under his leadership the Council made a spectacular growth. Mr. Bacon gave of his energy far beyond the call of duty. Under his leadership Camp Onway was acquired and became an outstanding Scout Camp. He was active in all departments of scout work and his office was so efficiently run and organized that he was recognized by the National Organization.

1927 The earliest available roster of Scout leaders names the following for Troop 81 (known as Troop No. 1 during its earlier years):

* Scoutmaster, Ernest Wainwright (began scouting in 1911 under the first Scoutmaster of North Andover, Leon Bassett, later to become long-time and honored scoutmaster himself)
* Ralph Gould, Assistant Scoutmaster
* Reginald Andrews; Alvah Hayes; Henry Hayman; Milton Howard and Wilfred Wild, Committeemen
* Earle B. Tracy, Scout Commissioner

1929 Boy Scout Troop No. 82 was chartered, in addition to Troop 81, to accommodate the large number of boys desiring to be scouts. Eighteen boys formed Troop 82 at first, with the following leaders:

Scoutmaster Robert O. Hurd; Assistant Scoutmaster, Frederick A. Raitt; Clinton W. Carvell, Alfred McKee, Richard A. Shellnutt, Earle B. Tracy and Thomas K. Wainwright, Committeemen; Joseph Duncan, President of the Trinitarian Men's Club, sponsoring organization.

1934 The first Cub Pack at Trinitarian Church was organized by Mr. Carvell. Later Cubmasters were John Wood and George Stewart.

1936 The growing program of Scouting was experiencing building needs. A note in Mr. Carvell's weekly "Bulletin" for October 20 read:

It is highly desirable that the entrance to the scout cabin be enclosed. To do this it will be necessary to find some good friend or friends who can provide some second hand lumber. Several have generously offered to do the work of building. If anyone knows where such lumber can be located please notify either one of the scoutmasters. We would like to have this done before winter comes ...

1938 Mr. Carvell was the recipient of the Silver Beaver Award, highest award in Scouting, for his outstanding contributions to the Scouting program and his service to the boys.

1940 The first Explorer Post of the North Essex Council was organized at Trinitarian Church.

1941 Anniversary Observance of First National Council of Boy Scouts of America (held at the White House in 1911). Service for North Essex Council was held at Trinitarian Church.

Persons participating included: C. Mason Tucker, Committee Chairman, Troop 81; Eagle Scout Robert Wainwright, Troop 81; Trumpeter John Warwick, Troop 83; Frank Valpey, Chairman of North Andover District; John T. Gagne, President of North Essex Council; Harvey H. Bacon, Scout Executive.

1947 Scout Troop 82 was terminated. Scouting at Trinitarian Church had apparently gone through a difficult period. In his October 2 issue of the "Bulletin," Mr. Carvell reported:

In an effort to revitalize the Boy Scout Program in our church the following committee has been appointed by the Men's Club: Ernest G. Abbott, Rev. C.W. Carvell, Alfred Galeucia, Robert O. Hurd, William Magowan, Frederick Raitt, Carl Thomas, Frank Wallwork, Alvin Watts, Otis Weed.

1958 The Scouting program was again prospering. In an October issue of the "Bulletin" Mr. Carvell could report:

Our Boy Scout Troop is now well under way with Scoutmaster Alexander Tullis giving them another year of fine and outstanding leadership. Seventeen boys of our Troop attended Camp Onway last summer.

1964 Mr. Carvell was presented a plaque by Robert W. Friis, President of the North Essex Council, for his extraordinary service to boys through Scouting and his exemplary leadership in the Scouting program. (Presentation was made on the occasion of the community-wide Anniversary celebration of Mr. Carvell's 40 years of ministry in North Andover.)

1966 The Scouts' dream of a new Scout Building, and begin working toward it. On November 19, the Explorer's Post held a ham and bean supper in the Church Vestry, proceeds to go toward the "Scout Cabin Building Fund." Mr. Carvell reported the event in the "Bulletin.":

This fund is being raised to put up a new and more satisfactory building to replace the old scout cabin which was built out of eight old horse sheds on the church grounds. The Scouts and Explorers have ambitious hopes for their new building. It will take perhaps two years before it can be built but plans are already drawn for a very serviceable and attractive building.

1967 Mr. Carvell was honored for his lifelong leadership in Scouting during a community-wide, ecumenical Boy Scout Service. A special presentation was made to him at that time by the North Essex Council.