Miss Lavinia Farnham was one of the founding members of the Trinitarian Congregational Church, first known as “The Evangelical Congregational Church in North Andover”, officially organized September 3rd, 1834.  You may have noticed her picture in the Davis room.

She was instrumental in the Sunday School of the church and wrote a history of the first 45 years of the Sunday School Superintendents. She was a member of the church from it’s beginning until her death February 10th, 1894.

There is a book available written by George Holley Gilbert titled “In Memoriam. Lavinia Farnham”. It is a collection of the addresses given at her funeral collected by her nephew, and may be read on the internet at Archive.org 

There is an impressive memorial to her in Ridgewood Cemetery, and the bronze gates at the main entrance were donated by her nephew in her memory.


Photos of monument: Christopher Spanks on Facebook

Thanks to “A History of Our Church” by Helen S. Moorakadian for the initial information about the founding of the church.

Read more in an excerpt from “Memorial Plaques in Sanctuary in Honor of Our Founders” by Helen S. Moorakadian here