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Congratulations on your engagement! Your wedding is a wonderful occasion and we are glad to be a part of it.  Here are some of our basic procedures.

Celebrant: All weddings at Trinitarian Congregational Church are to be conducted by our pastor.  Other clergy may co-officiate with the pastor’s approval.

Premarital Meetings:  Generally our pastor will meet with you four times for premarital counseling in addition to the wedding rehearsal and service. The counseling sessions are an opportunity to get to know one another better, to discuss your relationship and your expectations about marriage, and to plan the ceremony.  The first session is normally scheduled as soon as possible, at a time convenient for all.  After the first session, you will each be asked to take an online multiple choice inventory called Prepare-Enrich which we will discuss together during the remaining sessions. The Pastor will send you more detailed information about this.

Marriage License:  This may be obtained at any Town Clerk’s office.  There is a three-day waiting period before the license is valid and a 60-day limit to its validity.  Please give the license to the minister at the wedding rehearsal.

Organist and Music:  Musical selections, soloists, instrumentalists should be arranged through the Music Director.  The Music Director will play at any service requiring organ or piano music.  The services of other organists may be used only with his permission. If you have your own musician and the Music Director is otherwise available and willing to play, he shall receive a bench fee.

 Fees: Please click here for fees.

Photography:  Your photographer and guests are requested to refrain from all flash pictures after the processional.  Non-flash pictures may be taken during the service from the rear of the Sanctuary or the balcony with the least amount of accompanying noise.  Video recordings may be made from the choir loft.  You may stage any part of the service for picture taking after the ceremony.

Candles:  If a unity candle is part of your service, it is your responsibility to provide one. If you would like the candelabras to be used, the church will provide the candles for a fee.

Here are some frequently asked questions:
1. Do we marry non-members?  Yes.
2. Do we marry non-Congregationalists?  Of course!
It is expected that at least one member of the couple be a Christian, since what we offer is a Christian wedding ceremony that includes prayers, scripture readings, a brief message, and sometimes a hymn. The marriage ceremony is a sacred service filled with joy, faith and love.
3. Do we offer inter-faith ceremonies?  Yes.
We work with the couple to incorporate traditions from both faiths.
4. Do we offer a traditional or a contemporary wedding ceremony?
We utilize the best of both. Most importantly, each couple gets to personalize their ceremony through the selection of readings, music, and the readers.
5. How many times must the couple meet with the pastor?  Usually three. These sessions include pre-marital counseling and ceremony planning. You can email Pastor Debra at
6. How do I schedule my wedding?
Please call the church office at 978-686-4445 and ask to speak with Dorothy, our Office Administrator. Office hours are Monday through Wednesday, 9:00 to 12:30, Thursday, 12:30 to 4 pm, and Friday, 9 to 12:30. If you leave a message, Dorothy will be happy to return your call and answer your questions. You can look at this website and see pictures from the inside and outside of the building, and if you’d like, call and arrange a time to visit.
7. Can you perform outdoor/off-site weddings?   Yes.
Our pastor is also available for off-site and/or outdoor weddings. To discuss this please call the church office or email directly at
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