It was raining out, but sunny inside as we hit the lanes and bowled! We had 24 people show up for the bowling party – 22 bowlers and a cheering section! Many thanks to Pam Foote for the party planning (and cake!), and our “Secret Benefactor” for paying for the actual bowling. Congratulations to our winners – Crystal Reid for having the high score for the women, and to George Carifio who was the men’s high scorer and also had the over-all high score. Copies of the score sheets are available in the office – it seems some people don’t want them posted here 😉 

Joan Denton, Paul Taylor, Cindy Maguire, Dan Day

Doug Swatski, Heather Swatski, Deb Feudo, George Carifio, Rev. Tony Kill

Sarah Dunlap and Hazel Orchard

Pam Foote, Caroline Webber, Glen Ayer, Becky Potts

Lorene Beach, Skylar Lawler, Ida Strykoswki, Mike Lawler

Dorothy Taylor, Betsy Hopkins, Crystal Reid, Mark Reid