Trinitarian Congregational Church

North Andover, MA


  1. All those driving children, youth or adults on church activities must produce a valid driver’s license, registration and proof of insurance.
  2. All speed limits and other state and local laws are to be obeyed.
  3. All passengers must be in seat belts.
  4. All “Lights Out” times will be enforced to insure proper sleep.
  5. Paint Scraping – older houses may have lead paint. We wear goggles, masks, gloves & hats for safety.
  6. Adult Supervision is constant. Youth are not allowed off the school campus without an adult. Adults may never leave their youth crew members alone on the worksite. If the adult leader needs to leave the site, he or she must take all the kids along.
  7. Power tools are only used by those 16 years old & older, and only with an adult chaperon supervising.
  8. Ladder safety is taken very serious and is monitored by the adults.
  9. All vehicles are equipped with first aid kits. At the workcamp we’re given written directions and a map to the nearest hospital. All sites must have a working phone in case of an emergency.
  10. Safety Training. Our chaperons review safety procedures with our youth prior to the start of the camp. Workcamp staff also instruct the entire camp on safety issues before the work begins.
  11. Chaperon background checks are done through C.O.R.I.


April 10, 2011